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Communication is not a natural ability, but a skill that can be mastered.


There is a way to break patterns of conflict in your relationship — those fights that feel like a movie you have watched before and know exactly how it will end. 

Let me help you break those cycles and find romantic love again.

Do you want to make eye contact with the person you love most?

Do you want to talk about what really matters to you, the things you often think about but don't always know how to say?

​Are you looking for a safe space to voice your uncertainty and doubt or learn better communication?


Loneliness, adultery, constant conflict, silence — I have helped many couples overcome these challenges and be happier than they ever thought possible.
Don't give up. There is still hope.

  1. You fill out the application form.

  2. I send you a thorough assessment on all aspects of your relationship which you complete online.

  3. I do an in-depth analysis of the assessment and identify key areas for attention during therapy.

  4. I then book a one-on-one session with each of you.

  5. Finally, we do a full day (8 hour) private workshop tailor-made for the two of you.

Couples: Contact
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