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Hi. My name is Francois.


I have been helping people grow and achieve their goals for over 25 years, first as a youth pastor and later as a couples therapist and life coach.

My journey has taken me from mentoring juvenile gangsters in prison to equipping couples with the communication skills needed to restore a broken relationship. Through these experiences, I have learnt what it takes to achieve our dreams, be it personal or professional: Having the ability to make clear decisions, and being able to execute these decisions. It all starts in the mind. Empowering people with these skills is my passion. 

It is important to me that you are equipped and empowered to be the person you want to be as soon as possible. That you can be yourself, especially in the most important relationships in your life. I want to do a lot more than give advice about your relationships or your life. Every session is practical, and you get tasks to do at home.


Because I am not a psychologist, I am comfortable to be more directive with practical advice that will help you develop a skillset to overcome your challenges or achieve your goals.

I started out working mainly with Imago therapy, but over the last couple of years I've developed my own approach that focuses on the underlying, unconscious belief systems we've all built to help us navigate life. These systems we designed to keep us safe and comfortable, but they end up working so well that they stop us from going after what we want or learning how to ask for what we need.


When I first created this model, I referenced the techniques of John Bradshaw, M Scott Peck, Brené Brown, Daniel Siegel and James Clear, as well as cognitive behaviour therapy. I am constantly learning, tweaking and improving my approach because staying in touch with the latest approaches to personal growth and emotional healing is something I deem essential to my work.

Understanding and processing our own life story is our task. It remains one of the most powerful and creative processes we can dedicate ourselves to. I look forward to sharing a bit of your journey with you.

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