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I have more questions than answers. I believe this is what makes life exciting, because it invites us to explore. The best questions lead us off the beaten track. That's where adventure lies. Life can and should be an adventure. Adventures are full of beauty, fear, setbacks, victories, challenges, awe and wonder.

I believe that love is doing what's important without it being urgent and even when it's difficult. I believe that all love starts with self-love. When we are unable to love ourselves, all good deeds can become people-pleasing, and altruism becomes a way to relieve guilt or boost the ego.


I believe that honest conversation on the inside leads to clear communication on the outside. Understanding yourself leads to understanding others.


I believe that there is a big gap between a dream and a wish. A dream is something you can pursue; you can take action. A wish is hoping that the right person, circumstances or opportunity will come along and change your life. 


You are the right person. 


You should create the circumstances and grab the opportunities to change your life. I believe in dreaming big, then moving towards these big dreams 







I believe that not pursuing our dreams leaves a big void which we obsessively try to fill with anything that makes our lives feel meaningful, and distracts us from the pain of the void. This only makes our lives full, not meaningful.

I believe that you and I have a responsibility towards humanity to be the best we can be, because if we are, we are happier, we create and innovate, we have healthy families, and we simply laugh more.

I believe that growth is crucial to a meaningful life. Growth utilizes our potential. Too many people leave this world full of untapped potential because they wished and waited, instead of dreaming and doing.

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