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Francois Esterhuizen | Couples Counsellor

You can also learn how to


Get the tools you need


Before you book with me or anyone else, there is a lot of basic relationship knowledge that we were never taught that has a huge impact on the health of a relationship. I recommend that you learn these things before you book with anyone. Click the button below to watch two videos from my relationship program to help you determine where the gaps in your knowledge are and what you need from a therapist, counsellor or coach.


Please understand that I DO NOT offer the type of couples counselling or therapy where you unburden yourself once a week and feel better for a few days. I am not interested in that, and neither should you be.


Only book a session if you want to learn practical tools that will help you and your relationship grow. It will be practical, it will be hard sometimes, but I promise you that it will be lasting and it will be worth it.

If you are looking for cheap advice or a referee to pick sides you are in the wrong place.

If you are here because you care about your relationship and want to connect with your partner but need...

  • Better COMMUNICATION skills

  • Help with recurring CONFLICT

  • To work through an AFFAIR​​


then I recommend you start by watching the free videos here. 


With the divorce rate at around 50% in South Africa, traditional psychology and pastoral counselling seems to have failed many couples.


None of us really learned how to deal with relational conflict — we fight or we avoid it over and over again, making us feel like we are too different to be happy. Making us act like people we don't want to be.

The focus should not be on what is wrong with you, but what tools and skills you need to master, and how to communicate and get through to one another.

Waiting and hoping for things to change is expensive. It takes a toll on the whole family and divorce will drain you emotionally and financially.

You have everything to gain by investing in your communication skills.

No more sweeping things under the rug and crossing your fingers.

Get started now. Watch the videos or click here to purchase my book on the 10 Habits of Happy Relationships.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

Viktor Frankl

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