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The Time Master Bundle

R 2 970

2 970

Become a time master with access to 4 exclusive videos that will redefine your relationship to time

I procrastinate on important tasks

I get easily distracted.

I feel lazy because I'm not getting to the things I'm supposed to do.

I feel like a procrastinator.

I've been called a procrastinator.

If you relate to any of the above, this series is the tool you've been looking for to get a whole new perspective on time and learn how to make it work for you by:

  • understanding the three ways we use time, and why only one of them will help you grow

  • learning why you can't manage your time if you don't know what you want

  • learning why healthy selfishness is the key to investing your time

  • learning why labelling yourself a procrastinator doesn't help, and what to do instead

  • discovering the two key sentences that will change how you manage your time

  • unpacking the surprising relationship between time management, discipline and self-love

  • learning how to build confidence in yourself.

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