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A program that helps ambitiousSouth Africans create and pursue scary goals*.

 Bookings close 19 April 


Starts Tuesday 23 April 2024 || Sessions Tuesdays 08:00 - 09:00 || Coaching || Exercises, tools & frameworks || Personal Quest mentor

In case you missed it, here's a replay of the Open Day for you ⬇️

  • Clarity Quest Guided Expedition Cohort 2

    5 970R
    Overcome fear and procrastination, get unstuck and pursue your goals in a supportive community
    • 7 weeks to complete 7 steps
    • Coaching
    • Exercises, tools and frameworks
    • Accountability, community and support
    • A mentor to guide you along the way
    • Challenges to help you step up
    • Chance to qualify for the next stage of the Clarity Quest

You'll love the Clarity Quest if...

  • *You're ambitious (You have the capacity and desire to tap into more of your potential)

  • *You want to create and pursue scary goals (By creating a future anchor which is becoming comfortable in your own skin, getting clear where you want to go and having fun on your way there)

  • You have a career but feel stuck or in a rut

  • You are over sabotaging yourself with poor time management or procrastination

  • You're ready to overcome the fears holding you back from pursuing your big goals

  • You've tried other personal growth programs but they're all info no action, or totally out of touch with the South African context

  • You'll benefit from the support of a community of lekker mense also working towards big goals and overcoming their fears and procrastination

If you're ready to sign up now, use ILIKEWORMS! as a coupon to only pay R4970 (R1000 discount), and as a bonus to say thank you for being an early bird you also get access to the Time Master Bundle (worth R2970) for FREE!


 Don't forget to use the code ILIKEWORMS! during checkout to get your R1000 off! 

The Quest might not be for you yet if...

  • You can't commit to one session every week (Tuesdays 08:00 - 09:00) and at least an additional hour of your own time for reflection and writing (I will send you videos and exercises) for the 7 weeks of the program

  • You don't have a budget, capacity or attention to invest in your personal development

  • You’d prefer an information-heavy online course that doesn't require much engagement

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