#28 LEARNING WITHOUT LIMITS - with Corneels Schabort

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Molweni, welcome everyone. Welcome back to Fresh Perspective. I want you to help me welcome Corneels Schabort. A friend of many years, and a very interesting person. Should I say character, Corneels?

Yes, you may. You may call me a character.

I even drew a little picture. You can’t see if you’re listening to the audio, but – of Corneels. Very accurately depicting him. With more hair, though.

Yes, but just give me two more months of lockdown, and it will be 100% accurate.

Corneels, so I’d like to start with an easy question. Everyone knows the answer to this question. What is it that you do?

Well, I am… it depends on how you frame the question. But to get bread on the table, I'm a lecturer in chemical engineering at the Northwest University in Potchefstroom. So I teach, but then also on the side, I'm involved within a local church, Duet congregation. And in a pa