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#37 Aspire or tripwire?

“Hard work pays off.”

“I am someone who works hard and always aims to deliver beyond expectation.”

“I set high standards for myself.”

Does this sound familiar? If you recognise it, it may be that these beliefs have served you well in your life. It was a healthy belief system because it allowed you to become the person that you wanted to be. Maybe it drove you to build up a successful business, or complete an MBA or a PhD, or be promoted to your dream job.

However, you may find that this same belief system that served you so well in the past is tripping you up in the present. You're a living embodiment of, "I am someone who works hard and always aims to deliver beyond expectation”, "Hard work pays off" and, "I set high standards for myself", but you find that your stress levels are out of control because you have too many balls in the air. You realise that you can’t do everything that you’ve committed to, and that makes you anxious. You are lonely and isolated because you have no time to socialise and have fun.

All you do is wake up, work, sleep, repeat. Because remember, “hard work pays off”.


An old belief system is not always unhealthy at the start. But a healthy belief system can become outdated or irrelevant in a specific chapter in your life when it no longer allows you to become who you want to be. What used to inspire you is now tripping you up.

Here are two questions to put in your potjie and let simmer for a while:

What belief system has served me well until now, but I find is tripping me up more and more?

And then, what will happen if I. just. let. it. go?


Are you stuck in an old belief system that is tripping you up? Join our Clarity Quest and learn how to rewrite your belief systems so that they serve and inspire you.

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