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#33 Why growth starts with doubt.

Certain things you believe stop you from becoming who you want to be.


You know those situations that just hit your buttons every time? Your emotions act up and you find yourself acting in an unwanted, yet predictable way. Even if you don’t want to react that way or you undertake to nót react like this again in future, you find yourself going down the same familiar path when a similar situation arises.

Guess what? It is not the situation that is triggering a specific response in a specific situation.

You behave and react in a certain way because of the emotions that you feel in that situation. Why do I feel these emotions? They grow from my recurring thought patterns.

But where do these thoughts come from?

And these thoughts are born from a certain belief system.

Without doubt there can be no growth. You read that right. To make real changes, you have to doubt what you believe. How? Questions are the simplest tool we have for this.

Questioning your beliefs is the genesis of changing your reaction. And that can truly transform your life. Changing your belief system is within your control.

It can be very scary to doubt and challenge your beliefs. Because it was designed to give you the sense of being safe and comfortable, mostly because it is familiar. Even if your old belief system is no longer serving you and it is making you deeply unhappy, you hold on to it for at least it is familiar. Better the devil you know, right? This sense of certainty is a false sense of safety and comfort.

How do you recognise the old belief system that is no longer serving you? You will notice yourself behaving in a predictable but unwanted way.

Think of one situation where you find yourself not being who you want to be…

Can you hear the voices of your old belief system continually wanting to take you back to this place where you (falsely) feel safe and comfortable. But instead of protecting you, your old belief system ends up holding you back:

“I don’t deserve those things.”

“I am not worthy.”

“I am not allowed such happiness, such success, such freedom.”

“Reaching my dreams will take too much effort.”

“I never finish what I start.”

“I can’t start a new career at 40.”

“If I start dating, I will just get hurt again.”

“I don’t have enough time to do…”


What is one belief system that is holding you back from going after what you want?

What becomes possible of you challenge this belief (doubt)?

Do you want to break free from the belief systems that are holding you back and become who you want to be? Join the Clarity Quest.

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