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#47 The Oros principle

We’ve all had Oros at some point in our life. Maybe you still do, like me. You will know very well that there is a certain ratio of Oros to water where you feel like “aaaah, that tastes nice!

That ratio is not necessarily the same for everyone. Some like it sweeter and others like it more diluted. You are like that concentrate.

On the one hand, you may mix in too much concentrate. If you don’t have enough on your plate, if you don’t tackle enough challenges at a time, your Oros is too sweet, too much, too intense. You can see this when you are entirely focused on work and have no other interests to balance out that concentrate. Or a mom that puts all her focus into her children. She becomes overbearing or controlling. It is too much. You need more things in your life to find that sweet balance, the perfect ratio of Oros to water.

But you can also take on too much, and then your Oros becomes diluted. No one even knows you are there, because you have completely diluted your impact. This comes from an unhealthy selfish place - you think that you are the only one that can help everyone. For me, it was liberating to realise that I can’t help everyone, and I also don’t want to. I can't be everyone's Oros. If I try to be, my impact becomes so diluted that no one notices the impact.


Does it feel like your life is out of balance? Is your Oros too sweet, or too diluted? If you need guidance on how to restore the ratio, consider joining the Clarity Quest or one of my upcoming workshops.

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