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#34 YOU are the hero of your own life story

“Don’t die with your music still in you” - Wayne Dyer


Create a clear vision of your ideal future.

When you have a vision of your future that excites you, you find motivation to take up the actions needed to get there. The big dreams of your future create the inspiration needed to fuel your motivation in the present! Looking from the other side: if you lack motivation to take action in the present, it may very well be because there is nothing in your vision of the future that excites and inspires you. You have lost sight of your Big Dream.

Your Big Dream is not dependent on a stroke of good luck - being at the right place at the right time. No, the Big Dream is something you can choose to move toward bit by bit, day by day. If you have a clear vision of what your Big Dream is, you can take control and responsibility of the actions needed to realise it. Instead of being driven by a feeling of “oh, I am going wherever the wind will carry me”, you purposefully ask “who do I need to become in order to realise my Big Dream?”. Like a compass, your Big Dream is something you can consistently use to adjust your course and the direction of your life.


Taking control of your dreams

Sometimes the steps and actions you need to follow to reach your dreams are quite clear. Taking these action are often within your control: “study this, exercise this much, apply for that job, cultivate this habit” etc. Others are not so clear and may appear largely outside of your control. However, you can still identify the steps and actions that you cán take responsibility for and control of. It is not about deliverables, steps, plans or goals. It is about direction.

Take a moment to think about this example: “In 5 years I am married to the man of my dreams”. Reaching this dream may not be in your hands, but what do you have control over? You can ask “what kind of partner do I want to be and what steps can I take to become that partner”. Taking control over the type of person you are then determines what type of partner you will attract and the type of person that will find you attractive. In this way you do take responsibility for your Big Dream.

Have you forgotten or lost sight of your Big Dream?

Start creating a clear vision of your ideal future by completing these three sentences. Be specific! It does not have to seem realistic in the sense that you know how to achieve this Big Dream. It is about pointing your life in the right direction and fuelling your inspiration and motivation to take action.

“In my ideal life I...” (Dream Big about your career or business.)

“In my ideal life I...” (Dream Big about your relationships.)

“In my ideal life I...” (Dream big about your health.)


YOU are the hero of your own life story.

Do you need guidance on creating a clear vision of you ideal future? Join the Clarity Quest.

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