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#50 Why the pain part II: GROW PAIN

We will be spending the next few weeks looking at the question of pain, specifically trying to discover what pain wants to give us, what secrets are locked within our pain and what we can learn from them.

Last week we looked at slow pain. You can read that post here. This week we will take a closer look at grow pain.


Grow pain is different from slow pain - it is not something inevitable that is happening to us.

You actually have to choose grow pain.

What do I mean by this? Grow pain is the pain we experience when we are trying to achieve something remarkable. It is hidden within our biggest dreams and goals or within our fears. Once you take action to start moving toward your goals, you will start feeling grow pain. The inverse is also true: as you delay working towards your goals, you will avoid grow pain. And with it, you will avoid growth.

Imagine an athlete training - there is a lot of pain that the athlete has to go through in order to achieve the goals they are aiming for. If they go through the pain, the agony, the discomfort of the training program, they will be ready when race day comes. If they do not train and put in that effort — choosing to go through that grow pain — they will not become fitter or stronger, and won’t be able to achieve the goals they set.

Grow pain is not only about achieving a goal - it is about growing into the person that is able to achieve that goal. That person will be a stronger person and will continue to grow stronger as they keep pushing through grow pain.

The message of grow pain:

The message of grow pain is: keep going, push through, hold onyou are growing! If you heed this message, you will be able to attain what you are striving for. And in the process, you may even overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.

You can avoid grow pain by avoiding going after your dreams and goals and your fears. And what happens then? Slow pain comes into the picture and tells you to listen and pay attention! You are neglecting something. There is something that is alive within you that wants to get out, something you want to achieve. Pay attention to it, stop running away from it and ignoring it. Go for it!

Think about these questions today:

Are you avoiding grow pain?

Which goals and dreams are you postponing?

Are you procrastinating on important things that you want to achieve?

Are you delaying giving the gifts that you have to give to this world?

Are you avoiding grow pain and missing out on reaching your dreams and goals? Join the Clarity Quest or my Get Closer couples program.

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